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Jonah B, Atlanta, GA

The babka was amazing. Rich and chocolaty with some real substance to it. It arrived fresh and ready right out of the package. We said, let’s just try a little. The loaf was gone that evening.


Nicolas S, Philadelphia, PA

First of all, the babka looks like what a traditional babka should look like. The braiding of the loaf is nicely done. Second and most importantly, the babka just tastes fantastic !!! The combination of dough/bread and filling (dark chocolate) is perfectly balanced. Furthermore, the use of quality ingredients results in a babka which is not too sweet and where you can easily appreciate the taste of the dough. Coming from France, tasting the bread is a very important thing. Another striking thing is that it tastes really fresh and moist and it remains fresh for several days. My favorite tip is to throw a couple of babka slices in the toaster for breakfast. On top of heating the babka, it will slightly melt the chocolate and if you toast it just right, you will get some crispiness on the outisde and the gooey chocolate on the Inside !!!

Andrew K, Philadelphia, PA

I really enjoyed this delicious babka. Brought it to a family party and it was a hit! Will need another one for next time!


Sarah S, Brigantine, NJ

Their chocolate babka is one-of-a-kind with its perfect ratio of chocolate to dough. The chocolate has a deep, rich flavor - sweet but not too sweet. We usually keep the larger loaves in the fridge (when we have the will power to not eat it in one sitting) and it stays both fresh and moist for days. I also love that you can order their babka in multiple size options! The large loaves are perfect to share with family for breakfast or dessert, and their mini bite-sized loaves are the perfect secret indulgence you can eat on the go. It is a must try!